New Zealand Rugby Snub

518c8e7154708da6d1c82fee078eac606d93d2eb_140x93The marketing for the 2015 Rugby World Cup has been heavily biased so far.  The new television commercial promoting the event stars actor Charles Dance, of all people, doing his best to rev up a mixture of international rugby players and fans in anticipation of the upcoming event.  Somehow they managed to include rugby players from England, Wales, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, Italy, France Tonga and Somoa among others– but no All Blacks.  I shouldn’t need to point out that the All Blacks are the most well known of all the rugby teams worldwide, AND THE CURRENT WORLD CHAMPIONS! To exclude them from the commercial altogether is the latest “dick move” by the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

England Rugby spokeswoman Joanna Manning-Cooper said All Blacks who were approached to be in the ad weren’t available when it was shot at Twickenham last month.  She tried to play it off earlier in the interview like the players declined the offer, but based on the fact they weren’t available for the shoot date, one wonders why camera tricks, alternate players, or rescheduling could not have been used to accommodate them.

Saying no All Blacks were available sounds more like a rehearsed excuse to me.  New Zealand references was also omitted from a promotional email sent out earlier that week.  Argentina was also left out of the commercial, I should add.

Manning-Cooper said the team was represented, they were just a bit hard to spot. “In the film, one parent of the little boy who squeezes between his parents’ legs is an All Black fan – you may need to look more closely than usual as the tournament brand guidelines meant we had to remove the AIG sponsor branding from the NZ shirts.”

Excuse me while I facepalm.  Was Manning-Cooper being sarcastic? Well, two can play.  Oh, gee!  Thanks England!  A half seen child in the background really does the job of acknowledging the world champions existence.  Are you messing with us now??

Both the English media and the Red Rose already go out of their way to downplay New Zealand’s rugby dominance.  The All Blacks record, of course, speaks for itself, but I guess the English a desperate.  They loathe to admit on television and in the papers that the All Blacks are the best in the world.  Instead they will add caveats like “at the moment”, or “one of the best”.  We have only lost one game since the 2011 World Cup!

Do they really hate us that much?  I know it must be tough for proud countries to have to accept that a country of 4 million people manages to consistently outperform them on the rugby pitch for the last hundred years, but they are just making themselves look like babies.  I hope they get completely smashed by the All Blacks once again and that England, the country of my birth, has its worst ever World Cup.


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